About Us

Where it all started

In December 1983 two lecturing colleagues, Goolam Mahomed and Solly Suleman, left the education field to brave commerce and industry and open our very first Sparkport Pharmacy. We began as a mere 100 square meter shop in Sparks Road.

The Directors

Solly Suleman

Goolam Mahomed

With the sheer dedication and commitment of our two visionaries, the Group is now a respected titan of industry.

Knowledgable Professionals

All our pharmacies are managed by our qualified in-house pharmacists. Similarly, our franchise pharmacies too, are owned and managed by pharmacists. This ensures that you receive hands on health care and the personal touch of your local pharmacist always.

Our five company owned stores and three franchise stores are all located in KZN. Our commitment is providing a one-stop health shop, offering script dispensing, retail health and lifestyle items, primary care clinics and print-shops. So let us hold your hand….

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