World Head Injury Awareness Day

A day dedicated to the prevention of head injuries.
Brain injuries may be as mild as a concussion or as debilitating as severe brain injuries.
Head injury is a devastating condition that causes major psycho social complications. Many individuals suffer serious brain injuries that are largely viewed as inconsequential, but in reality such injuries cause devastating impairments that destroy lives just as effectively as more severe injuries.

Globally every year more than 5% of people suffer serious brain injury after an accident or as a result of accidentally bumping their head.

An estimated 89 000 cases of new traumatic brain injuries are reported annually in South Africa.
Preventing head injuries:

Always wear a seat belt when in a motor vehicle

Use an appropriate child safety seat

Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Always wear a helmet when on a bicycle, motorcycle or scooter

Use the rails on stairways

Provide adequate lighting on stair for people with poor vision

Do not place obstacles on pathways

Provide the correct safety equipment for workers.

Remember that if you spend one more moment being mindful of your surroundings you can avoid spending a lifetime living with disability due to head injury.

Source: National Institute for Occupational Health

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